Role: Animation / Sound Design
Illustrations: Phunk Studio
Produced by: Phunk Studio
Client: Gemeente Den Haag


Explainer animation Gemeente Den Haag

With the introduction of the Environmental Law, municipalities are obliged to draw up an environmental vision with the long-term ambitions for the living environment. The environmental law is necessary to tackle social issues such as housing construction, energy transition, nature and accessibility. The municipality’s rules on the physical living environment will soon be bundled in one environmental plan.
The Municipality of The Hague has asked Phunk Studio to make a clear explainer animation.

The illustrations and storyboard are made by Phunk Studio. They also animated the part with the spinning book and calendar. Based on that, I started to bring the illustrations to life with animation. With this project I played a lot with subtle 3D movements, like the rotating buildings, crane, and the airplane.
I also mixed down the animation in Adobe Audition with sound design, music and the voice-over.